Red Steel

Red Steel is the depleted remains of Cinnabryl used to protect someone from the Red Curse. It is a lightweight, dull red metal, weighting little more than half that which steel does. Red Steel is hard without being brittle, and can be crafted with an edge of great sharpness and permanency.

Red Steel is unusual in that while it is not innately magical in the same way as Orichalcum or Jade, it posses the ability to strike beings which are normally protected from all but certain materials and magics, it has been seen to affect both Fae and incorporeal spirits in the hands of both Exalts and Mortals. It is these qualities, along with the ease with which it may be enchanted, that have lead the scholars of the Savage Coast to name it the sixth magical material.



Items made from Red Steel can be used un-attuned by both mortals and exalts.

  • Mêlée Weapons reduces the minimum strength requirement of a weapon by 1.
  • Range Weapons increase accuracy by 1.
  • Armour reduces fatigue by 1 (minimum 0).


Once item and owner are attuned further properties are revealed.

Attuning costs 1 Motes, and takes a two days for a normal mortal, eight hours for an Awakened mortal, four hours for an Awakened mortal with two Essence, and twenty minutes for an Exalt.

In addition to the un-attuned bonuses, attuned items grant these bonuses:-
  • Mêlée Weapons increase damage by 1 if it is lethal, and either rate or defence by 1.
  • Range Weapons increase range by 100 yards, increase maximum strength by 1.
  • Armour reduces improves mobility by 1 (maximum of 0), and adds +1L/+1B.


While there are no, or at least no known, exalted artefacts made of Red Steel, thaumaturgical enchantments placed upon items are quite common.

Red Steel requires less resources and less time to enchant, it lowers the difficulty by 1.


Items made of Red Steel have their cost increased by 1. Red Steel items tend to be of above average workmanship, though they do not have to be.

Red Steel

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