Red Curse

“It is said that in the distant past, before the first age of the world, in the great war against the Primordials, that one of their number was slain upon the land of the Savage Coast, its blood and body consumed into the very land, twisting it by its malignant power.”

The blood of the slain Primordial persists to this day as the ever-present crimson dust known as Vermeil, and its bones as the metal Cinnabryl.

The Red Curse affects all things on the Savage Coast, it colours every aspect of life.

Protection Against the Red Curse

For those that have protection against the Red Curse the effects are relatively light, applying a +1 difficulty penalty to the Attribute which is opposite to the advantage granted by their Legacy. I.E. A character with an armour Legacy would have a penalty to Charisma rolls.

Cinnabryl and the Red Curse

The metal Cinnabryl is can stave off the effect of the Red Curse, for those who can afford it, it is the most convenient way to manage the Red Curse. However it is not without its disadvantages, once you begin using Cinnabryl you cannot stop, ever, without being fully afflicted by the worst effects of the Red Curse. The difficulty of recovering from such effects means that many who are forced to stop using Cinnabryl remain Afflicted permanently.

Rites of Protection and Maintenance

The vast majority of people along the Savage Coast participate in Rites of Maintenance to protect themselves from the Red Curse, these rites are conducted by local priests and mystics for the community once a week, on average.

Red Curse

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