Baronia de Narvaez

Though Narvaez is a large and fertile barony its people suffer on the edge of famine and poverty due to the heavy taxation levied by its ruler Baron Hugo “El Despiadado” de Narvaez y Montoya to support the barony’s military, which is feared throughout the Savage Coast.

Narvaez is one of the bastions of the Immaculate Faith in the Savage Coast, and since its current ruler Baron Hugo “The Merciless” came to power a century ago the official religion of the barony has been a particularly extreme, intolerant, and aggressive interpretation of the Immaculate Dogma.

The priesthood of Narvaez espouse that the Red Curse was levelled by one of the Anathema, and that those who fall to Affliction by it need to be purged from the land before the curse can be lifted. Similar rhetoric is brought against the Inheritors.

The priesthood of Narvaez also includes the dreaded Inquisition, who perform their own interpretation of the Wyld Hunt upon those the deem Anathema, Unclean or Collaborators.

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