Horses of the Savage Coast

There are a nearly unlimited verity of horse breeds in use along the Savage Coast, these are just a few of them.

Lookshy Blue

The Lookshy Blue is a draft horse breed of uncommon size and strength, frequently growing to 25 hands. Beyond its size the Lookshy Blue is also recognisable by its coat, which ranges from almost black to a striking Prussian blue, with hairs variegating to white at the ends.

The Lookshy Blue is used by the more affluent farmers as a working horse, and by the less wealthy states as a warhorse.

Imperial White

The warhorse of choice throughout much of threshold, the Imperial White is the stock upon which most of the worlds warhorse breeds are based.

Pony del Reino de Tortuga

These broad backed ponies are one of the Savage Coast’s native breeds. Kept by the Tortles both as riding and working animals, the Tortle Pony as it is otherwise known is a short but stocky animal of 14 hands which is possessing of surprising strength and stamina, able to support an adult Tortle for many hours without tiring.

The Tortle Pony has a coat of ruddy brown and cream patches, punctuated with flecks of intense crimson.

Caballo Vermeil

These dusky red horses are one of the native breeds of the Savage Coast, and are prized by the Gaucho for their stamina, intelligence, and loyalty; they are also known as an obstinate breed, and the Gaucho take great pride in their ability to tame them.

Caballo Vermeil are sometimes found crossed with Tortle Ponies to create a native Draft Horse breed used by peasant farmers.


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