Crimson Fire

Ability Score – Strength

Duration – 2 action/level

Description – The caster can cause a dancing red light to outline creatures or objects. Targets need not be seen by the caster, but must be within 10 yards.

The number of items affected is one per three levels of the caster (one at 1st–3rd level, two at 4th–6th,etc.), assuming items or people are of approximately human size. Half as many large creatures or items can be outlined, while only a portion of bigger targets can be outlined until the caster reaches higher levels.

The DM should estimate the size of the target(s) in comparison to a standard human being and adjust accordingly. Outlined objects are visible at 80 yards in the dark, but only 40 yards if the viewer is near a bright light source. Outlined creatures are easier to strike, so opponents gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls in darkness (including moonlit nights), and a +1
bonus in twilight or better.

Crimson Fire can render otherwise invisible creatures visible but cannot outline noncorporeal, ethereal, or gaseous creatures. The light produced is fairly dim and has no effect on the vision of undead, dark-dwelling creatures, or infravision.

Affliction – The character is constantly outlined in a glow, as described. In addition, the character’s eyes glow red. This impairs the caster’s distance vision, giving the character a –2 penalty to attack rolls with missile weapons. When the Legacy is activated, the glow is transferred to the targets, temporarily leaving the caster.

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Crimson Fire

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