A crimson, shiny, slightly glowing metal, warm and slick to the touch, leaving a rust red residue when worn next to the skin. Cinnabryl is rare and expensive, it is unique to the Savage Coast and only found in large deposits in a few remote areas there.

Cinnabryl is a heavy metal, only slightly lighter than gold and almost exactly twice as heavy a steel. If it is worn next to the skin, Cinnabryl will protect the wearer from the detrimental effects of the Red Curse; its effects and potency diminish over time however, as does its weight which allows someone equipped to test the material’s weight and displacement (such as a jeweller or an alchemist) to determine the remaining usefulness in a given piece of Cinnabryl. The constant need to replenish their Cinnabryl supply by those who make use of it raises the price beyond what mere rarity would suggest.

Once Cinnabryl has been depleted of its magical properties it become an inert metal ore, which can be reforged into the metal Red Steel.


An ounce of Cinnabryl will protect the bearer for one week, and is a small Resource 2 expense, someone with Resources 2 would be able to afford this weekly outlay, but would be somewhat financially disadvantaged.

An eight ounce Amulet of Cinnabryl is a Resource 3 expense.


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