Character Backgrounds

The Savage Coast offers many roles within its society.

I am simply writing a list here of all the kits in the Red Steel setting, I will expand on those which are important to the setting such as the Inheritors, but there are too many to do in one go, I will give a brief description of each, if you want to play using any of these backgrounds ask and I’ll work something out, or work it out yourself and send it to me, either way is good. :-)

The backgrounds are intended to mostly help give a social framework for your character, though some of them will provide mechanical advantages such as the Inheritor kit, they are not without their downsides however.

Inheritor (Full Kit) Local Hero Noble Spy Swashbuckler
Beast Rider Defender Gaucho Honourbound Myrimdon
Militant Thurge Mystic War Priest Fighting Monk .
Bandit Scout Herald Skald Trader
Savage Wokani Shaman . .

The Scavenger Lord concept from Exalted would fit rather well into the area as well, they’d have plenty to do.


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