Dominio de Vilaverde

  • Capital – Porto Preto (pop 9,800).
  • Population – mostly Humans.
  • Ruler – Barão Jorge “O Temerário” de Vilaverde.
  • Typical NPC – boisterous swashbuckling fighter.

Vilaverde is home to high-spirited people who travel widely across the Savage Coast. Among other nations, Vilaverde is known as a haven for pirates and outlaws, a lawless realm that cares little for civilized society. While this reputation has elements of truth, the dominion is not quite as lawless as it is painted. Its independent people are fiercely patriotic, willing to unify to defend Vilaverde from any difficulty.

Vilaverde’s biggest challenge is the defence of its eastern border, the only place Hule has direct contact with the baronies. Along with Terra Vermelha and the eastern reaches of the Yazak Steppes, Vilaverde might seem a flimsy obstacle to Hule’s expansion into baronial territories. However, the Vilaverdan fleet is an effective deterrent to Hule’s aggression because it could easily destroy Hule’s navy and all its coastal assets.

Four years ago, Huleans met and defeated a hastily assembled Vilaverdan force at the Battle of Burdür, but before Hule could take advantage of the victory, Vilaverde destroyed most of Hule’s shipping ability in two battles in the inlet near Karakoy and sacked several settlements. Rather than risk its other coastal properties, which it had believed well defended, Hule withdrew from Vilaverde.

The Capital

Porto Preto, a city with 10,800 permanent residents, serves as the capital of Vilaverde. A notorious pirate haven, Porto Preto is also the home port of a large fleet of armed merchant ships. It is heavily defended, as are all other towns in this region. The majority of the residents of Porto Preto are human, though a few established families of demi-humans and lupins also live here. However, Porto Preto hosts many visitors of widely varied races. Most townspeople are merchants and laborers, including a large number of innkeepers, tavern owners, and dock workers—all those whose livelihood involves keeping a navy afloat and reasonably happy. Farms 32 Savage Coast Campaign Book surround the town, and their produce decorates Porto Preto’s open markets regularly. Some foodstuffs are sold in town, and a small percentage is exported to other nations.

Porto Preto is an exciting town with a spirited night-life. Intrigue lurks in alleys, rogues are common, and duels occur several times a day. More than a little dangerous for the unprepared, a new experience awaits around every corner in Porto Preto.


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