Exalted Calendar

RY 362-363

Calibration – Sorcery fails throughout the Savage Coast, ancient arcane mechanisms which had functioned flawlessly since the fall of the First Age failed, many never recovering. This one incident say the end of nearly every piece of the Savage Coast’s surviving First Age and Shogunate infrastructure.

RY 763

The Scarlet Empress disappears.

RY 764

The Death Lord Mask of Winters conquers the city state of Thorns , which lies on the northern boarder of the Savage Coast.

RY 767

Descending Fire

28th – Igor Balazar gatecrashes Don Luis De Manzanas’s party, demanding Cinnabryl. (Earthday, last day of the new moon, last day of the year, the day before Calibration.)

RY 768

Ascending Earth

Ascending Earth is the height of spring, and the planting season.

26th – Ryo arrives in the Savage Coast. (Woodday, first day of the new moon.)

27th – The Circle meet for the first time. (Airday, second day of the new moon.)

Resplendent Earth

1st – Battle with the forces of World Cleansing Storm at Pueblo de Mina de Corazón. (Sunday)

5th – The Circle leave Pueblo de Mina de Corazón for Torre de Manzanas following a divine vision. (Woodday)

8th – Evening – The Circle arrives at Torre de Manzanas. (Sunday)

10th – The Circle arrives at the clearing with the Tradran Fort and the Oltec Temple. (Fireday)

12th – The Circle concluded their exploration of the ruins late afternoon, and rode hard to reach the tower ahead of the horde. (Woodday, the first day of the full moon)

14th – Early Morning – The Circle meet with an advanced part from the tower to collect fresh horses. (Earthday, the last day of the full moon)

14th – Afternoon – The Circle arrive at the tower having sent Hawk on ahead with the Bracers.

15th – Battle with the forces of the fallen Inheritor Igor Balazar. (Sunday)

16th – Evening – victory feast in the orchard of Torre de Manzanas. (Moonday)

21st – Ryo will enter the first stage of The Red Curse, The Time of Grace.

Descending Earth

The Circle hone their skills at Torre de Manzanas.

Ascendant Wood

The Circle continue to hone their skills at Torre de Manzanas.

Resplendent Wood

18th – The Circle have complete their training, and are requested to undertake a mission for Don Luis de Manzannas, to track down a rogue Inheritor going by the name Lord Flame.

20th – The Circle board a Guild barge bound for the coast.

21st – The barge holds over at Ciudad Matacán to exchange cargo. Albi De Loix-Volant boards the barge, bound for parts unknown.

22nd – At its closest passage to the Narvaez boarder, the barge is attacked by well organised bandits; the were after a sealed container bound for Slagovich.

23rd – Slightly delayed by the banditry the preceding day, it is evening when the barge arrives at Falzeno’s Junction.

24th – The night is quiet, and none go missing from the inn.

25th – The Circle investigates the Inn and its surroundings, they make plans to intercept whatever is abducting people. The involve the Immaculate Order Exorcist Grieving Silk in their plans, pooling their efforts. (Waterday, the night before the new moon.)

Ascending Fire

16th – The Circle finally return to Torre de Manzanas, with the comatose Lord Flame, Lord Flame’s child, and the remains of the cynnabril shipment.


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