Estado de Texeiras

  • Capital – Boa Mansão (pop 8,700).
  • Population – mostly Humans.
  • Ruler – Barão Bartolomeu “O Calvo” de Texeiras.
  • Typical NPC – Chic, adventuring thief.

Like Vilaverde, Texeiras is home to a well-travelled, high-spirited folk. Though also viewed by most Baronials as a home for pirates, Texeiras is recognized as having legitimate merchants. While Vilaverde takes what it wants, Texeiras earns its possessions and trade in most people’s minds. Ironically, Texeirans are less often considered thieves by outsiders simply because they are more subtle about their practices.

The people of Texeiras are a little less boisterous than those of Vilaverde but are just as independent and proud. In fact, Texeirans are even more patriotic than Vilaverdans, to the point that they hear insults in even the mildest of criticisms.

The Nation

Most of Texeiras is forested, though the state includes grasslands and abundant farmland as well. Forests are carefully protected because they provide the wood for Texeiran ships. Texeiras also claims a small portion of O Grande Escarpamento, the
grasslands that border Terra Vermelha. Situated around the Baia da Sereia, Texeiras is shielded from the worst of the weather in the region.

Texeiras was founded 80 years ago along the eastern edge of Baia da Sereia. Almost 30 years later, it absorbed the Yavdlom colony of Tanaka, which had occupied Cabo dos Cões, now the eastern end of Texeiras. In the same campaign of conquest, Texeiras took over the barony of Marino, which had recently broken from Narvaez to claim the western shores of Baia da Sereia. Narvaez has threatened once or twice to take back the Marino lands but has never matched the naval supremacy of Texeiras. At the moment, Texeiras is on reasonably good terms with Narvaez.

The People

Texeirans, like Vilaverdans, are known as explorers, adventurers, whalers, and privateers. The typical person encountered in Texeiras is more likely a thief than a warrior, usually a charismatic Swashbuckler with expensive tastes and a suave demeanour; the Local Hero, Noble, and Honorbound are also common professions. While warriors and thaumoturges are common in Texeiras, rogues are much more common here than elsewhere in the baronies. Citizens of Texeiras are subtle enough about their thievery that people generally believe them to be an honest, hard-working folk.

The more worldly people of the Savage Coast have learned to be cautious in what they say about a Texeiran, Texeiras, or any product of that state. Texeirans have even been known to suggest duels if someone offers a low price for their goods. Texeirans are a proud lot who try to avenge any insult against them—real or imagined.

The Capital

Boa Mansão, with its population of 8,700, is by far the largest settlement in Texeiras. Besides being the center of government, it is also the centre of commerce and culture. Most merchandise brought through the region, including loads of Cinnabryl, passes through this town. Far less rowdy than its Vilaverdan counterpart, Boa Mansão is a town with museums and theatres in addition to its inns, taverns, and
shipping businesses.

The citizens of the capital are mostly human, though a few representatives of each of the humanoid races along the Savage Coast have taken up residency here. As in Porto Preto, while most inhabitants are merchants and labourers, a large number of artists and crafters reside here as well.

Boa Mansão is a reasonably quiet place. Since commerce is so important to the nation, and the capital is the centre of that commerce, outright thievery is frowned upon within the town. Most Texeirans know better than to rob someone in the capital, and many thieves in the town actually try to prevent miscellaneous robberies and muggings. If a robbery does occur in Boa Mansão, the town’s extensive thieves’ guild can usually find the perpetrators and return stolen possessions to their owners, giving the town a reputation as safe. This allows Texeirans to work on much more subtle and elaborate schemes than simple robbery.


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