Ability Score - Strength

Description - The caster can release an electrical charge from a hand, chosen as activation.
At first level the power can only be used at touch range, or conducted through a metal weapon.
The range increases by one metre per level, to a maximum to ten metres.

Hitting a target at range requires a either an Archery or Thrown attack.

If the target is wearing metal armour this Legacy ignores its soak value.

Deals 4l + 1l/lvl

Affliction - The character is constantly affected with static electricity. Whenever the Afflicted touches another person or object, they receive a mild electric shock. If the Afflicted has fur or hair, it stands on end all the time. Clothing worn sticks together, and to the character. The character’s skin is dry and flaky.

Related Legacies - Burn, Red Shield, Repel Metal.


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