The Kingdom of Shazak

  • Capital – Ah’roog (population 7,500).
  • Population – mostly Shazaks, a few Tortles and Caymas.
  • Ruler – Shaz XII “The Slick,” son of Shaz XI “No Tail.”.
  • Typical NPC – Shazak tribesman.
  • Patron Immortal – Ka’ar.

The Shazaks oldest of the three races of lizard kin.

Ancient Herathian records indicate that these lizard men existed in the region at least 3,000 years ago, when they were servants and slaves to the Anathema sorcerers and their Araneas allies who originally inhabited Herath. The Araneas later performed experiments to improve the primitive lizard kin. The results were less than satisfactory, and the Araneas eventually abandoned them in the Bayou.

Few of those first lizard kin survived, but those who did grew tough and cunning. They gathered under the leadership of a warrior named Shaz, eventually taking her name as their own (“shazak” means “child of Shaz”). With perseverance and some faith in the Immortals (especially Ka), the early shazaks became more advanced. Later lizard kin were adopted into the tribes of shazaks, and the tribes grew stronger as the toughness of the swamp dwellers was combined with the learning of those who had lived in Herathian cities.

Centuries later, the Shazaks were forced to leave the Bayou. The Gurrash, another abandoned Araneas experiment, began to displace them. The Shazaks adapted to the forests north of Herath, which was a positive factor in their evolution as a species. No longer confined to the wetlands of the Bayou, they developed primitive art forms and a written language.

It is because of the Gurrash that the Shazak tribes eventually united behind a single war leader almost 250 years ago. Their leader is known as the Shaz, honoring the race’s ancient guide. The role of Shaz is now hereditary, much like a king in human society. A Shaz usually has at least one Wokan and one Shaman acting as advisers.


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