Savage Coast

Gazetteer of the Savage Coast

“The diverse nations of the Savage Coast offer many opportunities for grand adventures. Even I, known as an intrepid explorer, have found sights wondrous or horrible enough to cause me to tremble. Over the years, as I have wandered the coastal lands and nearby territories, I have taken occasional notes and gathered keepsakes of various sorts, from the ancient Oltec glyphstone I discovered in Torreón to the wheeled crossbow given to me by the diminutive Caymas. My notes and mementos have enhanced my vivid memories of the many places I have visited, and I have committed much of my knowledge to the pages of this chronicle.

Because most visitors to the Savage Coast come from the east or the north, I believe it behooves to first discuss the nations found there; while they are not a part of the Savage Coast, they serve as a sort of gateway for travellers entering the cursed lands. These gateway lands include Harbour Head, the City States, and Hule. After my discussion of those lands, I will continue from South to North along the coast, from the Savage Baronies to the Dragon’s Head Peninsula and the City of Thorns.

Though the Red Curse was once confined to small areas in the Savage Baronies, and it has since spread to most of the other lands of the coast, I believe that the key to lifting the curse can only be discovered through studying the history and lands of the coast. I have no doubt that the removal of the curse will require a grand quest that will surely take brave heroes from one end of the coast to the other. Thus, I feel I should offer as much information as possible about the many states and territories. Since I have spent the majority of my life in the Savage Baronies, I have given these small states extra attention. "

The Chronicle of the Curse – by Don Luis de Manzanas

Savage Coast

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