Baronia de Saragon

  • Capital – Ciudad Matacán (pop 6,600).
  • Population – mostly Humans, with some Demi-humans, Rakastas, Lupins and Tortles.
  • Ruler – Barón Balthazar de Montejo y Aranjuez.
  • Typical NPC – scholar researching the frontiers of knowledge.

Saragón has quite a reputation among the Savage Baronies and along the entire Savage Coast. First, it is known as a haven for sages, scientists, thaumaturgists, and other scholars. Second, Inheritors initially came to prominence in Saragón, and the state is still home to many—including the leader of the Crimson Inheritors, Audra the Masked. Third, Saragón is the buffer that protects many of the coastal nations from the Yazak blood kappa; this is partially due to La Careta De La Barrera, The Barrier Mask, an ancient artefact of great power.

The Nation

When most people picture Saragón, they think of the fertile, river valley farmland of Río Maldito and Río Copos. However, the barony also encompasses wide grasslands ranged by cattle and deep woods—including part of Bosque de las Sombras, the Forest of Phantoms. Saragón is very flat, mostly rolling prairie-land with just a few hills in the east.

Saragón has a fair militia and can also call upon its Gauchos for defence in times of trouble. Saragón hires Torreóner mercenary lancers to patrol the borders and take care of small groups of intruders, especially Yazi gnolls who sometimes raid the fertile Río Copos region. In addition to soldiers, Saragón also has the barrier mask, which can strike fear into any force of more than 100 hostile intruders who cross the border intending to do harm. The device has twice prevented armies from Narvaez from invading Saragón. This is fortunate because Los Matónes of Narvaez would certainly create havoc in Saragón.


While few people of Saragón are truly religious, all the Immortals typical in the baronies are revered here.

The Ambassador, the General, the Judge, Milan, and Valerias, receive about equal respect.

The Ylari Immortal Al-Kalim is also popular in Saragón, and his high regard for scholarship has helped lead Saragóners to their present cultural level.

The Capital

Most of Ciudad Matacán’s 6,600 population is human, but members of all Savage Coast races reside here.

The capital is a safe town, quiet during the day. However, Ciudad Matacán boasts a university and several schools whose students tend to get a little boisterous after sunset. Most inhabitants of the capital are scholars of one kind or another, though merchants, mercenaries, and scavenger lords are common as well.

Other Places of Interest

Except for the capital, the only settlement in Saragón larger than 100 people is the village of Las Manadas, a center for about 900 farmers and Gauchos. Pazo del Rey, another village in Saragón, had a population close to 300 before it was razed by a small force of Afflicted Torreóner mercenaries four years ago at the behest of Narvaez.

Other prominent sites of Saragón include Torre de Manzanas (actually a castle owned by Don Luis, baronet of Aranjuez) and Torre de Tolón (a tower that serves as home to Don Claudio, baronet of Montejo). Both fortresses are important to the defence of Saragón, and their lords are often (as now) nominees for the baronet positions. Barón Balthazar was once lord of Torre de Tolón and is Don Claudio’s granduncle.

The battle sites of Saragón are also worth note. The largest is certainly Bosque de las Sombras, the Forest of Phantoms, said to be haunted by those who died in 963 when humans from Saragón and Aranjuez united to defeat raiding Yazi gnolls.

Another marks the Battle of Morrión, where Saragón avenged Almarrón and Gargoña by slaying the Yazi gnolls who had destroyed Almarrón’s Castillo de Tordegena and Gargoña’s Castillo de Pardalupe. A much smaller site is the Battle of Cortesillas, where Gauchos from Guadalante and Saragón met over water rights.


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