The Confederated Kingdoms of Rebrenn

  • Capital – Eyf (population 25,200).
  • Population – mostly Humans, with some Demi-humans, and Tortles.
  • Ruler – King Edwix II, son of “The Night Harrow”.
  • Typical NPC – common farmer or crafter, follower of the druidic way.

Robrenn is a confederation of sovereign dominions. The fair climate and generous forests were an early boon to this druidic society. Its braided warriors thrived, though over the centuries their barbaric culture mellowed. The tribal chiefs instituted a nobility that slowly allowed a semi-feudal system to replace the tribal structure. The nobles then initiated a confederacy under the rulership of a new king, Robrenn I, chosen by the druids.

Robrenn contains vast tracts of forest and is dominated by druids. Harming the forests, or any of the creatures who dwell in them, is usually considered a crime. Robrenn’s people tend to have wavy hair, commonly worn shoulder length (for both sexes).

Most wear their hair loose, though warriors typically wear a braid on one side of the head in front of the ear. Clothing worn by people of Robrenn is usually made of cotton, leather, or buckskin in forest colours (predominantly green and brown, with occasional splashes of yellow, red, or orange). Often, at least one item worn has sharp, geometric patterns.


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