Rewards and Boons

While righteousness’s may be its own reward, those you aid in the name of the Unconquered Sun may choose to reward you in their own way.

Story 3 – The Festering Heart

Story 2 – Divided We Fall

In the Traldaran Fort there is roughly three time Resources 5 worth of Shogunate Era Jade coinage and suchlike, should you be able to broker that quantity of Jade, and get it past the insane trap corridor.

As reward from Don Luis you received -

  • A carved chest containing Resources 4 worth of Silver coin. Your agreed reward.
  • For the rescue of Orlando, Don Luis grants each of you an apple tree in his best orchard. You may take any and all produce from your tree and rest in its shade at any time. In addition the trees will be know by your names, and the common people will know the story of your valour.
  • For aiding the the fight against Balazar, you are each rewarded with an Exceptional weapon of your choice made from Red Steel by Le Toure’s Redsmith.
  • Information on the Red Curse in exchange for a further favour.

In addition you all count as having one dot in Cult thanks to Ryo’s stirring speech making. Which means that you regain an additional point of Willpower each morning.

Story 1 – And So The Chosen of Heaven Return To The Savage Coast

The people of Pueblo de Mina de Corazón really like you now, and Hawk received Content Not Found: 54227 a fancy Smoke Piece he owned in a past incarnation.

Rewards and Boons

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