One of the first signs that a person has become affected by the Red Curse is the development of a Legacy. These powers are the beneficial side effect of the curse, one which has shaped the balance of power in the Savage Coast since time began.

While some would claim that a divine hand guides the distribution of these powers, seeking to reward the faithful, and punish the unworthy. The truth is that the Legacy someone develops is almost entirely random, though some Legacies are more common in some areas than others.

Effects of Legacies

If a person has means of controlling the Curse the toll which it exacts are light, compared to the benefits.

For each Legacy there is an associated Attribute, all rolls against this Attribute are at +1 to their difficulty.

AD&D Statistic Exalted Equivalent
Strength Strength
Dexterity Dexterity
Constitution Stamina
Charisma Charisma, Manipulation, or Appearance
Intelligence Intelligence
Wisdom Willpower or Temperance

Level Based Effects

Many of the Legacy descriptions use a level based effect progression, for use in Exalted count character level as being Essence + (xp/10)

Legacies and Essence

It has been measured that each Legacy usage carries within it approximately 6 Motes of Essence, which means that the people of the Savage Coast tend to possess far greater pools of Essence than is normal, leading to their being a larger number of Essence predators in the local area. This factor is also thought to go some way to account for the greater interaction between mortals and the spirit courts in the area.

Legacies for Exalted Rules

Acid Touch Aid All Around Vision Amber Paralysis
Animal Form Animate Anti Missile Anti Poison
Armour Ball of Fire Bite Blend
Breath Water Burn Charm Chill
Clairvoyance Climb Craft Item Create Liquid
Crimson Fire Cure Detonate Dexterity
Digging Disguise Disintegrate Displace
Disrupt Duplicate Entangle Farsight
Feel Magic Fight Find Float
Fly Fog Gas Breath Gaseous Form
Grow Hypnosis Leap Light
Luck Meld Missile Phantasm
Phase Plant Form Poison Proficiency
Projectile Red Shield Red Steel Legacy Reflect
Regenerate Repel Metal Senses Separation
Shape Stone Shock Shoot Shrink
Sight Silence Sleep Speed
Spell Shield Spikes Strength Swim
Temperature Translate Unlock War Cry
Weaken Weapon Hand Webcasting Wind


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