House Rules

House Rules

There are a few weaknesses in the Exalted rules-set which I plan to address with a couple of house rules.


One of the core problems with the Exalted rules-set stems from its origins in the Storyteller system designed for Old World of Darkness, the combat rules of which were designed to simulate the brutality of knife fights in back alleys, not demi-gods fighting with swords made of magic and beams of essence.

The fundamental problem is that it is very easy to quite antecedently one-hit-kill a player character or to have a major antagonist fall in a quite unsatisfactory way. To help counter this I’m implementing two rules suggested on the Exalted forums to help mitigate these possibilities.


Everyone gets one free level of Ox-Body Technique per dot of permanent Essence, as limited by their Resistance skill.

I.E. someone with Essence 3 and Resistance 2 would get 2 levels of Ox-Body Technique; whereas someone with Essence 2 and Resistance 4 would also get two levels of Ox-Body Technique, but could purchase more.

This both makes supernatural beings more hardy, and frees up charm slots for more thematically interesting ones.


It is not possible to outright kill an Essence user in one stroke, they are instead reduced to Incapacitated, or Dying Health Levels.

This allows for dramatic last second rescues, or at the very least some moving final words.

Dramatic Charm Epiphany

In situations where a character is under great pressure and a certain charm would mean the difference between success and terrible failure, memories of past incarnations provide the answer in an epiphany.

If the character has the necessary experience to learn a charm he may spend a Willpower to spend the experience and learn the charm instantly.

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House Rules

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