Estado de Guadalante

  • Capital – Ciudad Huelca (pop 6,300).
  • Population – mostly Humans.
  • Rulers – Don Crístobal “El Barbudo” de Bigotillos y Copetez and his wife, Doña Catalina de Bigotillos y Narvaez.
  • Typical NPC – Proud Gaucho, rover of the pampas.

Guadalante is the most loosely organized of the Savage Baronies. It has only two real population centres, and encompasses mostly open grassland, with a few haciendas and camps scattered across the countryside. Baronials outside of Guadalante and Cimmaron tend to think of Guadalante less as a nation and more as a large ranch. This attitude is irrevocably altered in those people who attempt to attack Guadalante or trespass on its lands; the Gauchos of Guadalante are fiercely proud of their nation, doing all they can to maintain its rights and power.

Most Guardianos picture Guadalantans as crude ruffians with no appreciation for the finer things in life. For the most part, they are correct; the typical Guadalantan would rather sleep under the stars than in a bed.

The Nation

Fertile farmland along the banks of the Río Copos and Río Negro relieves the monotonous expanses of Guadalantan grasslands. Guadalante also claims a small portion of the Sierra Desperada hills on its southern border.

The barony has had a relatively peaceful history, at least in regard to the other baronies. Guadalante was founded in 985 when the States of Copetez and Bigotillos were united through the marriage of their heirs. Copetez had been founded around Ciudad Huelca in 908, and Bigotillos was established north of Río Copos in 947. The two states seldom quarrelled because there was enough rangeland to go around. The rulers of the two states often communicated, and their children’s match was one of love. When Maria of Copetez married Guillermo of Bigotillos, their parents happily relinquished control of the entire united domain to the newly-weds. The two ruled together, and when Guillermo died, Maria passed the domain on to her son Dante and his wife. Guadalante has been ruled by a married couple ever since.

Except for periodic troubles with Yazak goblinoids to the north and Yazi gnolls to the southeast, Guadalante has had few conflicts. One such was a disagreement with Saragón over watering rights. This argument came to a head at the Battle of Cortesillas but was soon solved with the Treaty of Cortesillas. The only other conflict Guadalante has had with another barony occurred just four years ago when Guadalante allied with the other southern baronies to resist the depredations of Narvaez and its allies. Guadalantan Gauchos proved the effectiveness of cavalry against ground troops in the few battles fought between the baronies before Hule’s invasion united them all.

The People

Nearly all Guadalantans are human, but a few demihumans live within the nation’s borders. Tortle peasants occasionally work on the haciendas, but lupins and rakastas are not welcome in Guadalante because they tend to spook horses. Goblinoids are discouraged as residents, but peaceable merchants occasionally visit for trade. Few lizard kin have ever strayed into Guadalante, and the Guadalantans find them fascinating when they do visit.

Guadalante is home of the Gauchos, free-spirited wanderers of the pampas. Gauchos can be recognized easily by their calf-high boots, puffy pants, ample shirts, and broad hats. Seldom wearing armour, these rangeriders are almost always armed and usually carry at least a dagger and a wheellock pistol; bolas, javelins, and lances are common as well. In peacetime, most Gauchos raise cattle and live in the pampas in large, fortified haciendas.

Guadalante has a higher proportion of adventurers than most of the other baronies. Most of these are warriors, a few rogues, thaumaturges, and priests leaven the mix. The most common kit in Guadalante is, of course, the Gaucho. Local Heroes, Honorbound, and Nobles are somewhat common, but Swashbucklers, Myrmidons, and Defenders are rare in Guadalante. Those Defenders who do live in Guadalante are usually devoted to The General, though Valerias is quite popular as well. Most Guadalantan wizards are Militants, and the clerics are usually War Priests. Both the Scout and the Bandit are popular among Guadalantan rogues.

The Capital

Ciudad Huelca’s population of 6,300 comprises mostly farmers, merchants, crafters, and labourers. It is a sleepy town—during the daytime at least. In the evenings when the Gauchos ride in (especially nights when cattle drives end at the capital) the town becomes a veritable maelstrom of activity, with business roaring in the taverns and more than a few fights breaking out. Most merchants and crafters lock up their store-fronts, and their sons and daughters, and wait for the town to return to normal again when the sun rises


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