Baronía de Gargoña

  • Capital – Ciudad Real (pop 11,700).
  • Population – mostly Humans, with some Demi-humans, Rakastas, Lupins and Tortles.
  • Ruler – Baronesa Esperanza “La Ilustre” de Sotto y Rivera.
  • Typical NPC – an artist, poet, or scholar, yearning for adventure and seeking inspiration.

Gargoña is the mildest of the Savage Baronies. Its ruler, Doña Esperanza, works for peace and has given her people a secure and almost prosperous life for the past 25 years. Though Gargoña would probably be unable to resist an invasion, the nation is less of a target than some because of its apparent neutrality.

Gargoña is protected from hostilities initiated beyond the Savage Baronies because Saragón, Narvaez, and Almarrón shield it from any overland threats, and the navies of Vilaverde and Texeiras block threats from the sea.

Gargoña is recognized as the centre of culture in the Savage Baronies. Since the state is generally viewed as politically neutral, its scholars are sometimes invited to other nations to serve as advisers or teachers. Most Baronials think of Gargoña as a pleasant place, but some wonder about the fortitude of Gargoñans themselves; they are not seen as people of action.

The Capital

Ciudad Real is a large town with a population of 11,700. Famous for its generous patrons, the capital is a haven for literature and the arts. Many fine artists, poets, and philosophers have come to Ciudad Real and flourished in the philanthropic atmosphere. Ciudad Real is the heart of Gargoña’s culture, and in turn, the heart of the culture of Los Guardianos.

Ciudad Real is home to many interesting and unusual people; visitors can find entertainment in inns and taverns, visit theatres, or talk to philosophers. Musicians often play in the streets, entertaining for their own pleasure, but accepting tips given to them by passers-by.


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