The Kingdom of Eusdria

  • Capital – Othmar (population 7,500).
  • Population – primarily humans, wood-touched, and earth-touched.
  • Ruler – King Sigismund III the Great, son of Godegesil.
  • Typical NPC – Honourbound or Myrmidon warrior.
  • Patron Immortals – Viuden and Tiuz.

Most Eusdrians have straight hair, and the majority grow it long and form it into one long braid—usually worn down the middle of the back but sometimes thrown over the left shoulder. Eusdrians tend toward clothing of cotton and buckskin, though wool and fur are used in the colder, mountainous areas. The clothing is usually made in blues, purples, and whites — though greys, greens, and browns are used as well.

Eusdrian society consists of a nobility, which provides the nation’s leaders, and a “freeheart” class, which is the normal citizenry. Like Robrenn, Eusdria has no real peasant class. Most freehearts are warriors, but clerics come from this class as well.

Eusdrian Royal Dominions

Each of the dominions governs most of its own internal affairs, but the crown can revoke internal policies. The king, advised by a council of clergy and various knights and nobles, decides international policy. After the recent wars, a freeheart council was established to help advise the king.

Duchy of Frisonnia.

  • Symbol – Tower.
  • Capital – Breimald (population 12,300—mostly wood-touched, some humans).
  • Ruler: Duchess Beovilda the Blunt, daughter of Onulf.
  • Typical NPC: wood-touched urban warrior.
  • Patron Immortals: Donar, Tiuz.

County of Harstal.

  • Symbol: Bear.
  • Capital: Harstal (population 10,400—humans and earth-touched, some air-touched).
  • Ruler: Count Theodamir the Stutterer, son of Althuin.
  • Typical NPC: boisterous beer drinker.
  • Patron Immortals: Viuden, Kagyar, Fredar, Fredara.

Barony of Mohesia.

  • Symbol: Horse.
  • Capital: Verdegild (population 6,600—mostly humans, some wood-touched).
  • Ruler: Baron Arthaulf the Forthright, son of Euric.
  • Typical NPC: righteous warrior.
  • Patron Immortals: Donar, Tiuz, Fredar, Fredara.

Barony of Savaria.

  • Symbol: Fish.
  • Capital: Reslar (population 8,500—mostly wood-touched, some humans and ir-touched).
  • Ruler: Baroness Utha the Fair, daughter of Aldaric.
  • Typical NPC: wood-touched warrior (hunter or fisher).
  • Patron Immortals: Eirys, and Tiuz.

The Eusdrian Pantheon

Donar (Thor)

Popular patron of warfare.

Eirys (Eiryndul)

Patron of woodland beings and wood-touched, but especially of wood-touched thaumaturges.

Fredar (Frey)

Patron of freeheart warriors.

Fredara (Freya)

Patron of female warriors.


Patron of earth-touched and metalwork.

Lokar (Loki)

Patron of flames, mischief, and lies, Lokar is not honoured except by evil, or the misguided.

Nyt (Hel)

Patron of death and reincarnation. She is acknowledged but not worshipped.

Tiuz (Ilsundal)

Patron of wood-touched, wisdom, law, and trust, Tiuz is often represented as a warrior missing his right hand.

Viuden (Odin)

Chief Immortal of the Eusdrians. Patron of the sky, storms, and authority.


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