Combos can be a bit confusing, so I’m going to try and clarify the rules here. For reference the rules are on P.244 of the Exalted 2nd edition core book.

Building a Combo

At character creation Combos cost 1 bonus point per charm in the Combo.

During play Combos cost the total of the minimum Ability scores of every charm in the Combo. I.E.

If you wanted to make a Combo of 1st Melee Excellency (melee 1) and Peony Blossom Attack (melee 3) it would cost 4xp, 1 for the Excellency, and 3 for Peony Blossom.

The training time for a Combo is three time the XP cost in days. So the above Combo would take twelve days to learn.

What can go in a Combo?

Any charm with the Combo-OK or Combo-Basic keywords.

  • Combo-OK charms can be used in any combination.
  • Combo-Basic charms can only be combined with Reflexive charms.

You can’t have a charm more than once in the same Combo.

Improving on Combos.

Once a combo is learnt it is set and can’t be altered.

However it can act as the basis for an improved version of itself, reducing the cost and training time. The XP cost is reduced by 2, and the training time is halved.

Charm Interaction

The different types of charms have some rules as to how they interact in Combos.


  • A Combo can only have one Simple charm, it acts as the centre of the Combo, with the other charms playing off it.
  • Any other Charms in the Combo must be from the same ability as the Simple Charm.
  • Any Supplemental Charms must benefit the Simple Charm.
  • Any Extra-Action charm must have the simple Charm for each of the actions it grants.


  • Any number of Supplemental Charms may be part of a Combo


  • Any number of Reflexive Charms may be part of a Combo

Extra Action

  • Only one Extra-Action Charm may be part of a Combo.
  • Simple and Supplemental Charms in the combo must be used in every action granted by an Extra-Action charm.
  • Reflexive Charms may be used.


  • Permanent Charms can’t be part of Combos, though the effects they grant still benefit the Character.

Activating a Combo

Activating a Combo costs one willpower, above and beyond the activation cost of the Charms involved.

Activating a Combo is not a subtle thing, and produces a distinctive mystical light-show when it’s used.


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