The Kingdom of Cay

At the Eastern edge of the Bayou the Kingdom of Cay is the domain of the Caymas lizard men.

  • Capital – Tu’eth (population 8,900—all caymas)..
  • Population – almost exclusively Caymas, some Humans, Demi-humans, and Tortles.
  • Ruler – Queen Ssa’a IV “Silver Tail,” daughter of Queen Roha’a II.
  • Typical NPC – Caymas.
  • Patron Immortals – Kutul, Cay.


The Caymas, or Cay-men are short, slight, bipedal lizards with frills on their heads which raise when they are excited or experiencing other strong emotion.

The Caymas are have one driving passion as a people, architecture, which they are at best quite bad at; they are however rather proud of their constructions, and pretentious as to their abilities.

The Caymas are thought to be one of the servant races of the now all but extinct Aranea.

Bayou Dwellers

Cay’s official population is almost exclusively Caymas; however the Bayou, which Cay’s boarders contain a part, is home to small communities of Humans, wood and water kin, and a few Lupins. These Bayou dwellers live a semi-nomadic life, and have a culture unique in the Savage Coast. When the travel into the more ‘civilised’ nations along the Savage Coast they are generally thought of as being somewhat backwards, culturally, and as being lippy bastards, though charming with it.

The Caymas have a tendency to employ the Bayou dwellers as envoys to other nations, against all odds this practice seems to work; mostly..


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