The Kingdom of Bellayne

  • Capital – Leminster (population 30,300).
  • Population – mostly Rakastas, some Humans, Demi-humans, and Tortles.
  • Ruler – Queen Catherine I “The Lioness,” daughter of the late King Lionel I of Dorsythe.
  • Typical NPC – urban peasant, artisan, or warrior.
  • Patron Immortal – Pax Bellanica.

The people of Bellayne are Rakastas. Like the Lupins, they were pushed toward the coast by Blood Kappa of the steppes. About 700 years ago, they discovered Bellayne, a nation of mostly humans and some Earth and Wood-Touched. The humans had a feudal society, just beginning to develop a system of national laws and justice. Some Rakastas settled permanently on the edges of Bellayne, while most remained wanderers. Not long afterwards, the humans and many of the demi-humans were slain by the Great Contagion. Those remaining citizens invited the Rakastas into Bellayne.

A great tribe of savage Rakastas eventually settled, most adopting the humans’ feudal system and taking over the ruins to establish a society that is an odd mix of human culture and rakastan mystical tradition. Present-day Bellayne has a feudal system of government and a fine system of justice and law. Additionally, many rakastas have begun to shed their traditional ways; the firearms and fighting styles of the Savage Baronies have even managed to take hold in this society. However, this is somewhat misleading, for most rakastas are still warriors at heart. Those settled in Bellayne have simply managed to gain control over their emotions.

In addition, nomadic rakastas still wander the lands of Bellayne and the Yazak Steppes. When within the borders of Bellayne (which they largely ignore), these nomads wander from town to town, trading for (and sometimes stealing) the goods they need to live. The nomads regard the town dwellers with some disdain, not understanding why they would give up the freedom and independence of the nomadic life. The town dwellers, in turn, do not understand why the nomads scorn the comfort and stability of settled life. Many of the nomads are Beast Riders who have Feliquine companions. The town dwellers view these warriors as brave and skilled, but nevertheless savage. When a nomadic tribe faces great hardship, the towns offer solace; in return, the nomads help protect the towns. Note that while town dwellers readily accept humans and demi-humans, only a few exceptional Wood-Touched have found places with the nomads.


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