Ability Score - Stamina

Description - The caster can create enough fog to fill a cube 10 feet on each side.

This fog can take any shape the caster desires but remains stationary. It is thick enough to obscure vision, limiting visibility
(both normal and enhanced) to a range of two feet within the fog and blocking vision through the fog entirely.
Limited visibility imposes a -1 external penalty,
blindness imposes a -2 external penalty.

A strong wind disperses the effect in a single round, while a moderate wind reduces the
Legacy’s duration by 50%.

If this Legacy is used underwater, it clouds the water in the same area.
Currents can disperse the effect before the Legacy actually expires.

Affliction - The Afflicted’s flesh becomes puffy and feels soft to the touch.

This affects most of the character’s body, so the face becomes misshapen and the character looks as if he has gained quite a lot of weight. In addition, the character breathes out wisps of fog and “sweats” them from the pores.

Related Legacies - Float, Gaseous Form, Temperature.


Legacy Name

Cost: – (6m)
Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Legacy
Duration: 1 Long Tic/level

Creates a stationary bank of fog, with a volume of up to 10′×10′×10′.

External penalty of -1 up to 2 feet,
external penalty of -2 until edge of fog bank.


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