Curse of the Neverborn's Blood

Story 3 - The Festering Heart
An Epilogue
Story 3 - Game 12 - Heroes In Their Own Minds
Those knotty little moral dilemmas.
Story 3 - Game 11 - The Festering Heart pt.2
Die, Die Parasite God
Story 3 - Game 9! - Deeper Underground
On Zombies and Dampness

We proceeded deep into the manse, in search of further evil zombie doppelgängers.

We find a beautiful tapestry, showing all the wonderful things Solar Exalts used to do. Ryo evangelises.

We find the central core – it’s pretty messed up. 10,000th Flowing insists it shouldn’t be this bad and it’s been sealed. He’s pretty confused by it all, in fact. He heads back to get a stronger host – Grieving Silk.

We explain we’re exalts to the immaculate monk and thankfully he agrees there are better things to worry about than the fact we’re ‘demons’.

We find a zombie in a scorpion. It is dispatched, albeit messily, by Drust. This seems to piss off the evil presence, as we hears millions of flies swarming. Heading deeper in we find a group of these zombie-scorpions. To say we dispatched them quickly would be an understatement.

Hawk is a show-off.

Story 3 - Game 8 - The Monster is Already Amoung Us
If Grieving Silk is in there...
Story 3 - Game 7 - Doctorine 2
In the event of Yozi invasion break glass...
Story 3 - Game 6 - Into the Facility
A factory beneath our feet?

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