Curse of the Neverborn's Blood

Story 3 - Game 3 - The Circle Reaches an Inn: Redux
This time it's everyone else!

In time both simultaneous and slightly afterwards to the events of Story 3 – Game 2 – The Circle Reaches an Inn, the following occurs.

Following their evening meal Ryo Cloudrunner approaches the remaining crew of the barge and in a stirring speech awakened them to the light of the Unconquered Sun, disabused them of the illusions of the Immaculate Faith, and impressed upon them the need for discretion in the face of subversive adversaries.

Upon arrival at Falzeno’s Junction Albi De Loix-Volant slips away to meet with the harbour master, who is quite rude but gives him some more of his promised money to help solve the Inn’s problem of mysterious disappearances.

In the common room of the Inn the Circle have notice that one of the patrons is a priest of the Immaculate Order, an exorcist as Kami identified him. Albi enlists the Circle in finding the cause of these disappearances.

Performing in the Inn is an eccentric looking and talented jester called Felpot the Magnificent, with his masterful misdirection and prestidigitation he manages to perform a card trick where in he burns the deck and then asks the subject to retrieve the card they picked from within their own shoe.

Over dinner Mamasaru Glint, the patron of the Inn, regales the Circle with a tail of how Don Luis de Manzannas duelled the god of the Canal for the right to begin sailing it once more.

Evening comes, and Albi watches the Inn all night from a vantage point on the roof, but there is no incident.

In the morning Hawk and Stone-Shell return from meeting with Stone-Shell’s mentor Laughing Dust. They too tell of disappearances from the Inn, and the concerns of the Tortles that they will be persecuted as a scapegoat. They also tell of Laughing Dust’s visions of a dark, malevolent force at work in and around the Inn.

Felpot the jester appears to have no concept of when joviality may be too much for his audience.

Story 3 - Game 2 - The Circle Reaches an Inn
Though players ebb away.

The barge continues its way westwards along the Rio Maldito towards the coast, passing through Ciudad Real the capitol of Gargona.

Early in the morning after the bandit attack the barge receives a messenger bird from the Guild tell them to put in at Falzeno’s Junction to take on more cargo, delaying the journey by a day.

During the night Stone-Shell received a message in a vision from his mentor Laughing Dust, asking him to return to his home village close to the Gargonan coast. Stone-Shell is quite surprised to find the Inn at Falzeno’s Junction has been re-opened in the years he has been away.

The passengers on the barge, including the Circle, move to the more comfortable accommodations on land while they wait for the new cargo to arrive by canal barge.

Hawk and Stone-Shell travel the mile-and-a-half to his home village to discover what Laughing Dust is worried about.

Drust pens a letter to Don Luis explaining that something has arisen on route, and they may be somewhat delayed in reaching Porto Preto.


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