Sunbeam (Artefact 4)

Prototype Orichalcum Beamklave

weapon (melee)

A simple hollow golden cylinder roughly a foot long, its outside is simply ordained with a sunburst pattern which also acts as the grip. The inner surface of the cylinder is covered in intricate essence circuitry, the study of which could reveal much about the nature of celestial exaltation, though at the expense of a unique artefact.

Basic Statistics
Speed Accuracy Damage Defence Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
5 +3 +6L +2 3 Str •• 3 ••••
With Orichalcum Bonuses
Speed Accuracy Damage Defence Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
5 +4 +6L +3 4 Str •• 3 ••••

Activation Cost – 5m/scene – Keywords – Obvious, Holy

Additional Traits

  • Destroys all non-magical weapons which it comes into contact with.
  • Deals two levels of lethal damage if parried with natural weapons, extras have natural weapon amputated.
  • Raw damage permanently subtracted from non-magical armour until it is destroyed at zero.
  • Inanimate objects also suffer soak reduction as above.
  • Weapons, Armour, and Objects constructed of the Five Magical Materials are not damaged by the Beamklave.

Other Exalts
Sunbeam is a prototype Beamklave dating back to the Primordial War, its essence circuitry is designed to focus the Anima of a Lawgiver into a blade of holy fire. In the hands of other Exalted it becomes a Repair 3 magitech artefact, and requires double commitment and activation costs, magical material bonuses cannot be forced.


Sunbeam (Artefact 4)

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