The Bracers of Forbiddance

A pair of heavily carved Orichalcum bracers.


Brazales de Interdicción – The Bracers of Forbiddance

Artefact: ••••

Innate Powers

By themselves the Bracers of Forbiddance are a powerful artefact.

  • While worn they completely protect against all mundane ranged attacks.
  • The magic of the Bracers also protects against all attacks, adding +9 to both Parry and Dodge DV.

When used in Conjunction with Careta de la Barrera the Bracers enhance the effectiveness of the Barrier Mask’s Golden Curtain, allowing it to repel hordes of up to 80,000 creatures (Magnitude 12) without damaging either component of the artefact.

The Bracers each have one Hearthstone socket.


The Bracers of Forbiddance are part of a set which includes Careta de la Barrera.

The Bracers of Forbiddance

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