Floating Dias

A floating throne which moves under its own power.


Floating Dais are something of an anomaly amount First Age personal transports, not a versatile as a Sky Chariot, not a nimble as a Wind Cutter, or as fast as an Air Steed. The Floating Dais is an Artefact of necessity or of vanity.

While somewhat rare, Floating Dais nevertheless come in a variety of forms some are functional, made for veterans of the Primordial War who had the concept of walking burned from them; some are imposing thrones, made for Lawgivers who wish to Lord it over their subjects; others are opulent loungers, made for those who consider walking beneath them and a palanquin too gauche.

The Floating Dais uses the inherent air resonance of blue jade to provide both lift and motion, and a keel of white jade to provide stability. This combination of forces means that controlling the Dais is a lot more like sailing a small boat than riding a horse, meaning that unlike most other personal transports its motion is enhanced with Sail Charms rather than ride.

The Floating Dais most commonly has two Hearthstone sockets, usually on the arm rests, one of which is required to be filled in order for the Dais to function. The Essence draw is small however and neither Hearthstone has its function reduced.

The Dais hovers at up to one metre from the ground, and travels at the same pace as a horse (3 metres per tick in combat).

Once per action, for 3m, the Dais can be made to perform a boost maneuver, which doubles the movement rate for 5 ticks, and allows a vertical jump of up to the primary Hearthstone rating x2 metres.

If the primary Hearthstone is of Air aspect, this boost can be pushed further thanks to sympathetic resonance. This is far from an intended function of the Dais, and causes the boost maneuver become unavailable for the next 30 ticks, and enhanced boost for 3 minutes.

Once per action, for 6m, the Dais may perform an “enhanced boost”, rocketing the Dais forwards up to (Movement Rate + Hearthstone Rating) x5 metres in any direction, in a single tick. Using this enhanced boost will disable boost in general for 30 ticks, and enhanced boost will not become available again for 3 minutes.

Artefact 2

  • Attunement – 3 motes, requires a hearthstone to be socketed in order of operate.
  • Two hearthstone sockets, usually one in each arm rest.
  • Movement speed as a horse.
  • Hovers up to a metre off the ground.

Artefact 3

  • Integrates a single 2 dot essence weapon, attunement cost for the weapon is paid separately, secondary Hearthstone may be assigned to power the weapon.
  • Projects a light force shield, conferring 4L/2B soak, and 2L/4B hardness.

Artefact 1

Artefact 1 versions of the Floating Dais do show up on occasion, they usually have no motive capability, and often display some odd properties such as maintaining distance from a surface, regardless of orientation.
Often sold as alternatives to wheelchairs to the wealthy, these floating seats are the remnants of First Age thrill rides, the nature of which would confuse most people of the Age of Sorrows.


Floating Dias

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