Careta de la Barrera

A lage ceremonial mask of ancient Oltec design.


Careta de la Barrera – The Barrier Mask

Artefact: •••••

Continuous Powers

A person wearing the Barrier Mask is -

  • Immune to all unnatural mental influences and mind effecting charms.
  • Immune to visual illusions
  • Is aware of everything around them, and is thus immune to surprise.
  • Gains +2 Perception.
  • Has [i]Essence Sight[/i]

The Barrier Mask shields the structure in which it resides from all magical means of entry and exit; up to and including Solar Circle Sorcery and other level 5 artefacts, sidereal astrology and gods lesser than the Celestial Incarnate themselves.

A character who is attuned to the Barrier Mask for a full year is elevated to Essence 3 and benefits from Awakened Essence if presently Mortal, in addition the character gains 120xp to advance their core skills and leadership qualities.

The character also gains the benefit of Underling Promoting Touch while acting to defend the people of the land; adding five dice to all Presence rolls in this cause.

Invoked Powers

The character who wears the Barrier Mask can at will invoke a huge golden curtain of light one hundred miles long to descend from the sky, this can be invoked up to five miles away from the Mask.

Any hostile force greater than Magnitude 2 is turned back by an irresistible terror, causing the force to route. Forces of Magnitude 2 or less must make a Valour check at difficulty 4 or flee. Beings struck with terror by the Mask flee as quickly as possible, and without much regard for their fellows, they will have an Intimacy of Fear for the place protected by the Mask, this Intimacy is unbreakable for one hundred days.

The golden curtain is a perfect mental attack with a weakness of [compassion/Valour], in addition the golden curtain will not defend a tyrant, but will embolden and favour his enemies, providing their cause is righteous.

After activating this power the user of the Barrier Mask is exhausted, unable to attack, defend, or move for the next ten minutes.


The Barrier Mask can be attuned for a commitment of 10 Motes.

No Essence needs to be spent to power its abilities as it has integrated into its structure a level 4 Hearthstone from a hidden manse deep in the bayou East of Harath.

Non-Essence channelling beings may attune to the Mask for one Willpower, though they will age one month per season faster, until one year has passed and the Mask elevates the wearer to Essence user status.


The Barrier Mask is indestructible in almost any situation; except in truly exceptional circumstances the Mask can only be destroyed through use. Alone the Mask can turn aside a force of up to 10,000 (Magnitude 9). If asked to turn aside any greater force it will do so, but will be destroyed by the effort, crumbling to fragments, and rendering the hearthstone nothing more than a charred lump of stone.


The user of the Barrier Mask always evokes suspicion and distrust among his peers, no matter how altruistic his acts or selfless his motives. Though he character may use the artifact to save an entire country, anyone of the same social standing views the user as a power-hungry schemer. Thus, if the Barrier Mask is used by a noble, they are suspected by other nobles; if used by a commoner, the character is met with distrust by other commoners.

This curse was an intentional effect created by the makers of the artefact, to prevent people from coveting the item.


The Barrier Mask is part of a set which includes The Bracers of Forbiddance.

Careta de la Barrera

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